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We are getting ready for two conferences this month: ARF Re: Think in New York and Social Media Forum in London.

ARF Rethink

With a showcase of 50+ groundbreaking studies (cross-platform, social media, mobile research and more), 100 high-profile presenters, 2,500 industry peers (from P&G, Unilever, Apple, and Facebook along with many others) it’s looking like it will be a really innovative and exciting event.

The Face NY team will be manning the booth and our friends from Pulsar will demo their social intelligence platform.  Drop by to find out how we can help you better understand and connect with your consumers by combining qualitative insight, real time data and smart thinking.

Register and check out the details here.



Social Media Forum (#SMWF) Europe is a social and digital marketing conference which examines the latest developments in social marketing and how it sits within an organisation. #SMWF launches in London on 31 March – 1 April 2014.

We’re looking forward to talks from many industry thought leaders on how to drive engagement, manage brand image and understand great customer service. To name but a few: McDonalds, BBC, Walt Disney, Lithium, Philips, Unicef, Vodafone, Amnesty International, Wall Street Journal and Sky are all sharing their knowledge.

Our Chief Innovation Officer, Francesco D’Orazio (@abc3d) will join the panel discussion on ‘Interdepartmental cooperation for a unified social campaign panel’ alongside participants from Sony, Barclays, Yahoo and RSA. Discussion will touch on the following questions:

  • The practicalities of structuring and implementing a multi-channel social campaign
  • How to create unity across departments and resolve issues for the best outcome
  • Examining new trends and platforms in social and evaluating where the effort should be focussed
  • Looking at how different social platforms fit together with more traditional media

Social media expertise and top-level strategic advice is what we are all about so we’re really looking forward to this discussion.

The FACE and Pulsar teams will also be there to demo Pulsar and answer any questions.

Hope to see you there. Check out the event’s website for more details.

We’ve just come back from Insight Innovation Exchange Europe. And what an inspiring two days! From Mark Earls and John Willshire making the audience work with Artefact cards to identify innovations needed in market research, to inspiring presentations on neuromarketing, gamification and mobile, there’s a lot of exciting ideas to take away.

We hope to have contributed to this ourselves: Our CEO, Andrew Needham and our Research Manager Jess Owens shared their thoughts on Using social media research for agile, adaptive customer intelligence” in a joint presentation at 17:00 on the first day of the conference.

Following a classic Andrew introduction – getting the audience to stand up and be agile, by squatting up and down doing an agility exercise – they talked about:

  1. What does “agile” research really mean? It’s not just about quick thinking – it’s about empowering clients to take action.
  2. Lessons from agile software development: it’s all about the feedback loop
  3. Why agile social media research? Jess shared stories from two social media crises, showing how real-time social media listening can get research a seat at the table
  4. Partnership with clients to build an agile, actionable research programme – aka is the weekly report always the best way to share research insights? We talk about the “client as superuser”
  5. The true power of the brand tracker dataset - how the unprompted nature of social media mentions enables highly adaptive and flexible research, providing the ability to instantly answer questions brands didn’t even know they had

Here is their presentation, for those of you who couldn’t make it:


We’d also like to congratulate our colleagues from Pulsar for winning the first DIVA (Data Visualisation Award) for our How Video Spreads Twitter network visualisation:

We tracked the conference on Pulsar (of course!). Here’s how the 1,711 IIeX-related tweets performed over the two days of the conference:

Conversation volumes by hour:

IIeX Volume per hour

Most active Twitter users:

IIeX Influencers


Most shared links:

1. Pulsar’s winning entry to the DIVA awards 

2. DIVA Awards Panel announcement

3. IIeX Europe Homepage 

4. #IIeX Focus Series – Technology & Market Research (2 of 5): Social Media

5. #IIeX Focus Series – Technology & Market Research (3 of 5): Photo & Video



Bad Andrew picture

Andrew Needham is a Founding Partner and CEO of FACE Research. A pioneer in the use of social data in qualitative and quantitative research to deliver a holistic view of the consumer, Andrew is leading the global expansion of FACE. Read more of Andrew’s thoughts here. Or reach out to him on LinkedIn or Twitter.


Jess Owens profile photo

Jess Owens is a social media researcher in FACE’s London office. As one of the first members of the Global Social Insight team, she has pioneered new research methods with social data, from audience mapping, channel effectiveness studies and studying social media virality and content diffusion. Get in touch with Jess via LinkedIn or Twitter – she tweets for us @FaceResearch as well as from her personal account, @hautepop


insight-innovation-exchange 400px

That’s right – the London team are off to Amsterdam on 19-20 February to attend IIEX-EU 2014 – the Insight Innovation Exchange European conference.

They say, “The Insight Innovation eXchange connects seasoned practitioners with new thinkers, human behavior experts with technology, and the private and public sectors. We set the stage for connections that help mash ideas and technology together, knowing that those interactions will help bring about the next rEvolution in marketing insights”

Ideas and technology – that’s what’s we’re about!

So here’s quick rundown of the FACE team members going and what we’ll be sharing with the conference:

  1. Research manager Jess Owens will be presenting on Wednesday 19th at 17:00, talking about “Using social media research for agile, adaptive customer intelligence”. If you’re not able to attend the conference, check out her webinar on Thursday 13th Feb to hear more!
  2. We’ll also be demoing our social media intelligence platform Pulsar on an exhibition stand – led by global sales manager James Cuthbertson.We’ll be tracking the #IIEX hashtag throughout the event, so come and visit him to discover the topics, speakers and issues driving the most buzz among conference attendees. Here’s our findings from last year’s conference.
  3. Finally FACE’s newest arrival, business development director James Hirst will also be attending for meetings and one-to-one discussions.
  4. And of course stay tuned for tweets from @FaceResearch!

We look forward to seeing some of you there.


Every New Year, people around the world pause to make promises to themselves to change or to do something new. For many, it’s to be healthier and get in shape. But we have a different take on New Year’s Resolutions here at FACE.

As Oana noted in her blog, “A peek through the keyhole of the FACE office,” we really love what we do, so we have research-focused New Year’s Resolutions! Some of these resolutions are specifically about research methodologies and tools while others are more about keeping our minds flexible and open. Both kinds will help the FACE team tackle all the challenges 2014 has to offer.

Image by Flickr User vanhookc

Riki Neill, Associate Research Director –

book image“I’ve always been excited by the changing world but more recently I’ve been interested in the things that aren’t changing. My New Year’s Resolution is to revisit my interests in cognition and consumer behaviour that stems from evolution; and combine these fundamentals with Face’s natural expertise on emerging consumer trends. I’m getting started with Robert Kurtzban’s ‘Why Everyone (Else) Is A Hypocrite’”


Andrew Ho, Managing Director of Face Asia – 

ted logo“Let’s watch more - once a week the Asia team will take turns to pick a video on any topic, and discuss its virtues. Great way to get us all talking about non-work related stuff, think differently, and it’s my not so subtle way of using others to make me sound smarter.”

Nicole Li, Research Manager  –

“Write a blog post every quarter – I am a firm believer that if you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough. At Face, we are always learning something new, I hope that the discipline of writing can help me distill my thoughts.”

Kate Davids, Senior Research Analyst –

O'Reilly book“This year I’m going to teach myself programming, starting with Python. As both a social media analyst and an online qualitative researcher, I think it’s important that I understand how the tools I depend on actually work. My O’Reilly “Learning Python” book is massive, but I have all year to get through it.”



Jess Owens, Social Media Research Manager –

“My professional New Year’s resolution is to speak up. Quite literally: I want to speak at more events! I have this privileged position studying pop culture phenomena and digital consumer behavior, and there are so many insights worth sharing with a wider audience. I also read a lot about the problems of imbalanced gender representation at conferences and events, especially in the tech industry – by putting myself forward, I can do a little bit to fix that.

I spoke at Immaterial Labour Isn’t Working in May 2013, and I want to contribute further to these interdisciplinary conversations about how technology is impacting our selves and societies.”

Sharmila Subramanian, Research Director - 

mindfulness“My resolution would be about getting into better habits that can encourage mindfulness.  I think a lot of researchers are very good at acquiring information (as is to be expected), which ends up in a bit of a detritus of “stuff” in your brain – this in itself impedes ability to switch off and actually think more clearly and laterally about research challenges.

So, 2014 for me is about mindfulness”

Serena Jacob, Head of the Face Singapore Office –

“My New Year’s Resolution: to keep up with changes in the industry and to be more willing to experiment. It’s so easy to go on using the same techniques and methodologies. So, I want to read more and talk to people more about how they approach research differently, and then try them out in my projects this year.”

Erika Ammerman, Global Head of Social Insight -

“I absolutely agree with Serena. Keeping your eyes open to possibility is as key to being a great researcher as also being able to weed out the many, many, unfruitful avenues to insight. In Social, where many things are shiny and new, it’s extremely important to keep our eyes open for better ways – and those better ways can come from completely new technologies and methodologies, or from cleverly adjusting a tried-and-tested approach, or – better yet – from integrating both. Keeping on top of fast-moving developments can be hard, but it’s essential.

I also want to publicly state that another resolution of mine is to BLOG MORE! When I look around the FACE business and see how certain people don’t just use social, but USE social (Kate, Jess, Cierra and Fran come to mind immediately), I can see how being immersed in contributing and sharing with others can aid a colleague’s POV tremendously. I want more of this in my life.”


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FACE Qual team are recruiting!

  • Date January 07 2014
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Calling all junior researchers! Feeling fresh for the New Year? Feeling like you want a new challenge? Feeling like you want to work at one of the most interesting agencies around? Then listen up…

FACE London is looking to recruit 2 new researchers to our growing qualitative team. You’ll need to have 1-2 years experience and a desire to embrace innovative research and consultancy methods. We are pioneers in co-creation, online, and social media research, with our own platforms and products; you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills in all areas of the business.

co-creation image

FACE is a boutique agency. We work hard to produce game changing insight and strategy for clients such as Unilever, Nokia, CocaCola, O2 and Tesco. But we do it in a friendly, fun, and exciting environment.

We have offices in London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore so there are plenty of chances to travel and experience new places and cultures.

If the idea of coming at research in new and different ways appeals, then why not get in touch?

Matthew Arnold

Send a CV and covering email to our Head of Qual, - or drop him a message with any questions you may have.

Hope to hear from you soon,

the FACE London team