MRSS Asia Research Conference: The Brave New Digital World

On 7 August I attended the MRSS Asia Research Conference 2014 at Fairmont Hotel. Despite the strapline – Brave New Digital World – invoking sci-fi dystopia, it was instead a day filled with inspiring and thought provoking sharing from 12 veterans of the market research industry. The topics centered around changes in consumer behaviour with […]

FACE’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This week the inevitable happened. FACE became the next in a long line that has been nominated for ALS’ Ice Bucket Challenge. Yes, the social media phenomenon reached us in our London Office; we have Brightsource to thank for that! ALS is a disease that many had never heard of or understood before the Ice […]

Meet us at… Corporate Researchers Conference

Corporate Researchers Conference (September 17-19, Chicago) is one of the only conferences created for and by corporate researchers, and FACE cannot wait to be there. We will be putting you to the ultimate test with our Internet cats vs. Internet dogs battle, just like we did at Marketing Week Live in the UK. There, the more […]

We are (Face) Family. Sharing Knowledge, Making Memories

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 15.37.45

FACE company history was made on 18th July when all four offices came together for the first ever global company gathering. As the sun beat down onto the Oxfordshire countryside, Facers explored the  tents, bonfire pit, chill out zone, hog roast and travelling bar, catching up and getting to know teammates from across the world. There were […]

A Day in the Life of a Co-creation Illustrator

If we went back in time 23 years, you would find a situation very similar to now. I would more than likely be surrounded by paper, pen in hand. I have always drawn. Drawing what I see, drawing what I feel. Drawing in the car and on the train. Drawing on the beach and in […]