Meet Annie Bell… our new Research Manager 

Introducing Annie Bell to FACE

Annie joined FACE as our new Research Manager in April, and I sat down with her last week to have a chat Tell us what brought you to FACE? One of my biggest reasons for joining FACE was to expand my wealth of qualitative experience, especially co-creation. As FACE developed from an incredibly strong co-creation background, I couldn’t […]

Meet Mauricio Silveyra… our new Associate Research Director

Mauricio joined FACE as one of our freelancers back in January 2015. He quickly integrated himself into part of the team and is now one of our Associate Research Directors. We thought it’d be cool to interview him, so here goes over to Mau. Tell us what brought you to FACE? Having previously worked at Flamingo, Firefish […]

New! Social media insight from 1.4 billion people with anonymised & aggregated Facebook topic data

Pulsar Facebook topic data launch

We are partnering with DataSift to offer game-changing social media insight – the ability to draw on anonymised and aggregated Facebook topic data.

This new data source for the research industry has the benefit of drawing on aggregated and anonymised analytics covering 1.44 billion Facebook users

Social Intelligence Beyond Monitoring #3: Real Time Marketing

In this series I want to look at the emerging uses cases for social media intelligence which go beyond counting mentions of brand and consumer sentiment. Previous blogs have explored social intelligence for brand positioning and product innovation. This month, I’ll show how social media listening can help brands improve engagement with their digital marketing activities – and get […]

What’s new in… Charities & Social Media? FACE’s 5 Top Reads

UNICEF is using Snapchat to highlight children missing out on their childhood in Nigeria

In this week’s links round-up, Ed Hawes evaluates the relationship non-profit organisations have with social media, highlighting their challenges and successes. Charities and non-profit organisations are often seen as being a little slower than the commercial sector in really integrating digital comms & technologies into how they operate – not least because they are held […]