Rethinking Disruption

Truly disruptive products and services are simplifiers at the core, but getting there is far from simple. Marc Geffen on the history of a buzzword – and how to use research to make disruptive change really happen.

Andrew Ho at Spikes Asia: The problem with how you get your insight

A couple of weeks ago our MD Asia, Andrew Ho, travelled to Singapore for Spikes Asia, where he attracted a full house with his talk: “The problem isn’t your creative… it’s how you get your insight”. “We look for insight to inspire great creative, so why don’t we hunt for insight in more creative ways? […]

Watch our webinar: How Social Media Predicts Ticket Sales

Thanks to everyone who joined me last Thursday for my webinar on How Social Media Predicts Concert Ticket Sales. With over 50 attendees we had a great global audience and some really good questions at the end. In this blog post, get the link to download the full webinar with audio – or read the slides here.

Does social media drive sales? A research review

In this blog I put our social media vs. sales study in context by summarising 5 other key social-to-sales research studies. I explore projects from Coca Cola, McKinsey, Eventbrite and others to identify which parts of social media activity have the biggest link to sales – is it buzz volumes, sentiment, shares or something else? Read on for more:

Brands, salons, hairdressers, bloggers and consumers. Who’s really influential in pro haircare?

Which professional haircare brand has the greatest social media mindshare? In order to understand this complex intersection of brands, hairdressers and consumers, we worked with P&G to track the premium haircare category and understand it not just as a ‘conversation’ but in network terms.