The project

The one where… we co-created new beer products that women actually want.

Business issue:

Create a range of new product ideas that overcome the traditional barriers between women and beer.

What we did different:

We brought the brand team together with women in a 2-day co-creation workshop. All the co-creators had varying attitudes to beer, ranging from like to dislike. This allowed us to create a dynamic tension within the workshop and explore the full range of attitudinal issues surrounding beer consumption. We paired up women with opposing views to work with one another, in order to bridge thinking and build ideas that met all their needs. This not only encouraged new and fresh insight but also tackled age-old issues within the beer category.


12 strong product concepts created by, and directly targeted at, women. 2 concepts are now rolling out to market in 2011 under 2 Molson Coors brands.