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The project

Help Nokia define what “relevance” means for today’s leading edge consumers.  Create cross-platform propositions that could allow them to re-gain and drive thought leadership at the high end of the North American smartphone market.

What we did differently:

The project began with a two week social media monitoring and trend analysis program. This was followed by the identification of potential areas of opportunity through consumer immersion in the US.

The project then moved back online with a two week mobile web community to turn the innovation platforms into relevant solutions.These solutions were put into a final co-creation workshop to create final propositions that were validated in groups across North America.


The research process was designed to start very broad, providing a rich initial insight and pool of ideas. The process then progressively narrowed down the options towards the final results, while still providing consumer-driven creativity and validation at every stage.
The program produced solid solutions and differentiated offerings for the consumer and provided Nokia with a test bed for a new way of working.

In our client's words:

"We choose to engage Face on a particularly important initiative where the Voice of the Consumer truly defines the final outcome of the product program.
Having not worked with Face before there was some risk in assigning such an important activity to a new supplier. Now that Face have delivered the outcome of our 'co-creation project' that risk has been justified entirely. Under, frankly, offensive time pressure and with a brief that aimed to build upon a highly abstract idea, Face helped us to get to a value proposition and theme that is now ready to enter into detailed concepting. Highly creative, responsive and knowledgeable about our ever changing industry Face proved to be the ideal partner. We can now claim with 100% justification that Nokia is developing solutions for consumers and you played a big part in helping us to evolve this position."

- Tom Crawford, Director, Consumer Research and Insight, Nokia UK