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Pfizer Health 2.0



The project

The one where… we helped Pfizer enter the mobile application market

Business issue:

Help Pfizer take a consumer needs based approach to innovation by co-creating a technology led health and wellness solution with their consumers and technology partners.

What we did different:

Online tacking was the first stage of a four-step process. Using Pulsar we measured and interpreted online conversations around healthcare, wellbeing and technology. The themes discovered were taken forward into the online community phase. The community explored attitudes, behaviour and needs surrounding technologies role in wellbeing.

The results and barriers from the community helped to form the agenda that was taken into the next phase, a co-creation workshop. Pfizer came together with their consumers and technology partners to co-create potential solutions. The 3 clear routes that emanated from the workshop were then visualized in animated films and taken into a multi-market quantitative concept testing.


This project brought together many different workstreams and the results fed directly into business case planning. The standout solution from the project was brought to life in a fully realised film; this was then used to sell throughout the business. The 4 stage process was completed across 4 markets in 13 weeks.