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Our socially intelligent research works around the planning cycle to create and deliver transformative ideas for brands

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We unite our skills in qualitative research, planning and social analytics to drive insights through to actionable concepts and optimisation principles.

We operate around The Insight Planning Cycle

We create new ways to get you closer to your customers and understand their contemporary lives, needs and behaviours.



Insight Community

Enabling ongoing dialogue with consumers to generate deeper insights


Life Logging

Taking you closer to consumers’ lives than ever before, adding physical, social and emotional context


Consumer Closeness

Stay close to your consumers by building 1:1 connections online and via mobile


Digital Immersion

Track consumer attitudes & behaviours in real-time building more effective media and comms plans


Social Trends

Identify emerging trends and consumer needs in your category to inform comms & NPD


Audience Segmentation

Map interests, demographics and behaviours of people engaging with topics on social

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Brand teams don’t own the meaning of brands, so we work with the people who do: their customers, fans, and influencers. We place consumers at the heart of the brand development process through immersion and co-creation techniques.




A unique integrated workshop harnessing consumer creativity, building innovative products from scratch


Concept Activator

Fast and reliable way to deliver consumer-winning creative concepts that communicate a big idea


Co-creation Training

Bespoke, immersive training designed to empower and equip your insight, brand and marketing teams


Service Innovation

Identifying opportunities for brands to improve the customer experience

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We refine and hone brand communications to maximize their effectiveness, from above-the-line campaigns to social media content and channel strategy.



Channel ROI

Understand which platforms & channels you need to prioritise in your social media planning


Rapid Concept Testing

Simultaneously test, evaluate and optimize concepts online in multiple markets quicker than ever before

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Social media brand measurement, audience monitoring and campaign evaluation. Powered by our Pulsar platform and the FACE planning mindset to produce clear, actionable recommendations to boost your brand performance.



Content Diffusion

Identify how your content is shared and design new strategies for tapping into your audience’s networks


Social Panels

Track the full 360 degrees of content created by your target audience


Brand & Category Audit

Evaluate your brand assets, equity and the positioning against the competitive landscape


Social Media Reports

Clear and engaging facts you need to measure the effectiveness of your social media practices

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